Retirement Planning

What’s Your Definition of “Winning” In Retirement?

Inside each of us lives some form of competitive spirit. Whether you are a “go for the throat” type of competitor or take a more passive approach, we all like to win.

It’s not in our nature to enjoy losing; it’s probably some type of primal response left over from the caveman days. Whether you’re playing board games at home or competing in a sporting event, winning is the goal we all strive for. And while there are a lot of lessons to be learned from losing, nobody sets out to come in second place. With all that said, it might surprise you to hear me say that a different set of rules apply when it comes to the definition of “winning” in retirement.

If your definition of winning is solely based on beating some market-based metric, there’s a good chance you’re missing the point. While striving to get the best results isn’t a bad thing, you should be focused on achieving the goals that are important to you. A successful retirement may be better judged by its ability to help you live the way you want to live, and do the things you want to do, without taking on unnecessary risks. Retirement should be about living life on your terms and a solid plan should take into account thinks like; where you want to live, how you want to live, and how you want to spend your time. People that are too fixated on market-based metrics sometimes lose sight of the purpose of their retirement.

We believe a solid retirement plan is one that blends your lifestyle and financial goals so you can safely achieve them. It all starts with a conversation where we discuss your current financial situation and the goals you have for retirement. Once we have all of that information we can start designing a plan to help you achieve your retirement goals. If you want to learn more about creating a comprehensive retirement plan, request your complimentary financial review.

And remember, to really feel like a winner in retirement, focus on having a plan that addresses all of your goals from lifestyle to financial.