3 Things to Know Before Making Summer Travel Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many things, including canceled trips. Americans are now wondering about summer travel plans, and if it’s wise to make them before the country fully reopens. Just because everything isn’t completely back to normal yet doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t take a vacation this summer – even if it means staying closer to home than you originally planned. Here are three things to know before making summer travel plans.

What’s Open?

More hotels will reopen to leisure travelers in the coming months and will likely be instituting stricter safety protocols. Hilton, for example, says their hotels will have contact-less check-ins and more rigorous cleaning practices. As for vacation rentals, several states and counties temporarily banned Airbnb and VRBO. This may or may not change over the summer, depending on the state. Before planning a vacation, know what’s open in the area and to what extent. In some states, beaches are open, but visitors aren’t permitted in the water, and other states require out-of-state visitors to quarantine for 14 days.

What Will Flying Be Like?

Air travel has dropped dramatically, and many Americans may continue to avoid flying for fear of infection into the summer. If you are getting on a plane, occupancy may be capped at 50% or 60%, and the middle seat left open. Many airlines and airports now require passengers to wear masks and have their temperatures checked before boarding. They are also instituting strict disinfection and safety standards. Nonetheless, those flying should take precautions such as frequently washing hands and avoiding travel if they have any symptoms.

Planning a Staycation

Even if a trip to Europe this summer is off the table, it doesn’t mean you can’t take time to enjoy yourself. Taking a long weekend can be worth it even if you’re just staying in your home. What’s important is to set aside the time as leisure time – that means no work around the house or checking your email. It may mean exploring a different part of the neighborhood, ordering takeout from a new restaurant, or sitting down with a novel or favorite movie. Whatever you’re doing, know the ways to stay safe as we get back to normal.

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