Plan to Maintain Your Independence This 4th of July

Many Baby Boomers are watching their parents age to the point where they should move out of their home – and refuse. Maybe it’s that they are stubborn when it comes to their independence, or maybe they refuse to be a burden on their children. While these sentiments are admirable, older children can be faced with daily anxiety about their elderly parents’ wellbeing alone in their homes. At the same time, they can probably sympathize with the desire to remain in one’s own home, a comfortable and familiar environment where one is independent. If an elderly relative’s experience with aging in place has you thinking about how you will stay in your home, consider these home renovations. Even after the fireworks are over this 4th of July, you’ll be thinking about how to maintain your independence throughout retirement.

Home remodeling can help you remain independent as you age by allowing you to stay in your home. For example, doors with a flat entry or ramp, instead of stairs can improve mobility. Widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs is a simple renovation, and ramps can now be built to fit the architectural design of the home.

You won’t be going to work after you retire, but you’ll still have to go through your mail, pay bills, and review your finances. A home office space with a desk, place for your documents, and phone can help you stay organized and productive. And as working from home becomes more common, adding a home office might also help you sell.

A first-floor bedroom can make it easier to stay in your home and maintain your independence by eliminating a major obstacle to moving around your home with a wheelchair, walker, or simply when stairs become a hassle. Adding a laundry room on the first floor can also be a plus.

When you first retire, you probably won’t need these home modifications, but it’s a good time to start thinking about them and planning. Remodeling your home is easier done before you actually need the modifications. Starting with simple things like installing more lighting fixtures in dark areas of your home or between your car and front door and replacing knob-style bathroom faucets to lever-style handles is inexpensive and subtle.

If you want to pursue permanent independence, even after the fireworks are over, start with pursing financial independence. The professionals at Alpha 1 can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan that takes your unique retirement goals into account. Click here to schedule your free financial review today.