4 Reasons Why You Should Travel In the Fall

Summer is over, but once you retire you can go on a vacation anytime of the year you want. And since people tend to go on vacation during the summer, the fall can be a good time to avoid crowds – as well as the heat. There’s really no good answer to the question of why you shouldn’t travel in the fall, so here are 4 reasons why you should.

Avoid the Crowds

With kids back in school and vacation days spent during the summer, many destinations are less crowded during the fall. That means less worry about making reservations at crowded hotels and restaurants. Your experiences at museums, parks, and other popular spots could also be more enjoyable and take less time without long lines.

Enjoy Lower Prices

Fall is typically the “off-season” for many vacation destinations. Hotels are generally cheaper, and airfares might be lower too. If you’re looking to travel in retirement without overspending, then autumn could be the best time.

Avoid the Heat

Summer is often when people choose to travel because that’s the typical time to take a vacation, but it often isn’t the best season weather-wise. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors on vacation, the fall could be a better time. You can avoid the heat and humidity without cold temperatures either. Plus, fall foliage is a beautiful backdrop when traveling, walking around a city, or exploring the great outdoors.

Relax Before the Busyness of the Holidays

Starting with Thanksgiving, the holiday season can be a busy time. If you want to take some time to yourself or travel with your spouse before you’re inundated with social plans, cooking, shopping, and in-laws, you can travel just beforehand. You can even get ahead on your holiday shopping by picking up some unique gifts wherever you visit. And, you’ll have something to talk about with friends and family when you see them.

If you’re looking forward to a vacation that stretches past summer throughout the whole year, the professionals at O’Donnell Financial Group can help you plan for it. Retirement takes more planning than a vacation, so the sooner you get started the better. We’ll consider your lifestyle goals and unique concerns about the long road ahead. Sign up for a complimentary review to take the first step.