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Integrated Retirement Plans that Work Better for You

At Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth, we believe the stress and concerns many retirees have about their ability to remain financially independent are preventable and fixable. Retirement shouldn’t be spent worrying about whether your money is going to last. That’s why we use sophisticated software to help more accurately illustrate your financial future.

Retirement planning is complex, so that’s why we help guide you through concerns, like:

  • What sources of income do you have, like a pension or Social Security?
  • How soon after retirement will you need to start receiving income?
  • Do you have a Legacy Plan in place to care for your loved ones?
  • Are you expecting an inheritance at some point in the future?
  • Are you done working or are you only partially retiring?
  • How much income will you need on an annual basis adjusted for inflation and taxes?
  • Do you have savings tucked away anywhere else?

We plan and execute each aspect of your retirement plan so that all the elements work in harmony to produce maximum effectiveness. We do this because when everything works Better Together, you have the best chance for a successful outcome.

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Get our complimentary guides! Part of working better together, is to educate you on top financial information to help you assess your current investment and retirement strategies. We hope you find these retirement and financial insight guides helpful. We’re here to answer your questions and help build a fully integrated retirement plan.

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