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Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth was founded on the belief that investors would be better served if they had the benefit of coordinated advice. Unfortunately, the financial industry isn’t set up that way and as a result, investors planning for their future are forced to seek the services of unaffiliated professionals. This leads to investment, tax, and estate plans being created in separate vacuums with no coordination between strategies.

As a result of this disjointed process, investors planning for retirement are often left overpaying on taxes. Worse yet, the lack of communication between the various professionals can lead to serious issues that can result in devastating consequences for retirees and their families.

At Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth we decided it’s time to break the mold so we created an environment where retirees can have ALL of their retirement planning needs handled under one roof. Our team of fiduciary professionals includes a network of Certified Financial Planners™, tax accountants, and advisors, with well over 100 hundred years of combined industry experience.

Together, we take wealth management to a whole new level, bringing experts from every planning field to address your concerns for a Retirement Gameplan you can rely on with confidence, because we believe that Everything Works Better Together.

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Removing the Middleman

Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth is not your typical financial advisory. We changed the model for investors with a focus on creating efficiency by eliminating the middleman.

A typical advisory places your investable assets with an outside wealth management firm, but at Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth, we own the wealth management firm that is actively managed by some of the industry’s most respected Portfolio Managers. A typical advisory uses an outside insurance brokerage for its insurance needs, but at Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth we have our own insurance distribution network so that we can hand select the very best products from the industry’s top-rated insurers.

By eliminating the middleman, we have also reduced the chances of mistakes. At a typical advisory, your financial information is being passed around through multiple outside organizations, but at Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth, everything we do is self-contained because we own all of the supporting financial organizations needed to fulfill all of your investment and retirement planning needs.

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When everything works together, everything works better.