Suspended RMDs for 2020

If you haven’t taken an RMD for 2020 yet, you don’t have to – RMDs for 2020 have been suspended, in an effort to help Americans whose retirement account balances have suffered recently. Times of market volatility are never pleasant, but they pose a particular threat to you as you near and enter retirement. The [...]

Do’s and Don’ts in a Volatile Market

If the state of the market has caused you to worry, you’re probably not alone. The coronavirus and falling oil prices have caused many to panic. In times of uncertainty, it can be easy to make knee-jerk decisions and forget about the long-term. However, consider these do’s and don’ts in a volatile market.  Don’t withdraw [...]

Preparing for a Bear Market

So, what happens if you retire during a bear market? Or if – and when – there is volatility? Luckily, there are ways to help protect yourself when retirement planning in a volatile market. Generally, as someone gets closer to retirement, they’ll want to limit their risk exposure. They might invest less in stocks and [...]

Retirement Planning in a Volatile Market

The recent market volatility surrounding the Coronavirus may have you concerned, especially if you’re approaching or already in retirement.  Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and uneasiness are all common during any scary and volatile market.  These feelings are normal and sometimes it can be beneficial to take a step back and look at the big picture.  [...]

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