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3 Reasons to Thank Your Aging Brain

Don’t hate your aging brain just because it takes it a bit longer to figure out the crossword or remember a name. According to a Harvard Medical School report, this slower thinking actually shows that the brain is working better. Many people reference the fact that teenagers have poor decision-making skills due to their not [...]

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Finding Happiness in Retirement

There’s no doubt that our culture is obsessed with youth and often overlooks the benefits of aging. You may not have looked forward to getting older when you were younger, but now that you’re nearing retirement you may have gained a different perspective. The fact is, older Americans tend to be happier, according to a [...]

2020-04-24T17:17:18+00:00April 24th, 2020|Psychology|

4 Phases in Retirement

Everyone talks a lot about how to prepare for retirement financially, but there is less focus on how to adjust your mindset in retirement and manage expectations. You might not be happy every single day in retirement, but that doesn’t mean your retirement won’t be happy. Transitioning into retirement is no small task, and research shows [...]

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3 Ways to Give Thanks in Retirement

Thanksgiving is a good time to think about how you express gratitude. Some people donate their time or money to a charitable organization, or just enjoy the simple pleasures of retirement. The great thing about giving is that you often get something back. Volunteering is a great way to make new social connections, you might [...]

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Keeping Your Brain Sharp in Retirement

Retirement planning forces us to make many decisions, as well as calculations. And while a professional can help you with those, it can also help to sharpen up your math skills. Calculating percentages and interest rates off the cuff this isn’t difficult, but it can be intimidating without pen and paper. Afterall, you haven’t taken [...]

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