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A Plan for a Better IRS Experience

“I love dealing with the IRS,” said no one, ever. But, President Trump has signed a bill that will reform the IRS in an effort to make it more taxpayer-friendly. You’ll still have to pay your taxes, and rule breakers will still be punished, but hopefully the average person will have a better experience with [...]

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Don’t forget about Your Old 401(k)s

Do you have multiple 401(k)s? If you left your money in a former employer’s 401(k), you may want to reconsider as you near retirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, Baby Boomers have held an average of 12 jobs by the time they turn 50. When you leave a job, the money you contribute [...]

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Small Steps and Giant Leaps Toward Retirement

July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. In the middle of summer vacation, Baby Boomers gathered around their TVs to watch Neil Armstrong take one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. This milestone in human history marked many Americans’ upbringings and identities in a significant way. It was [...]

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Financial Lessons from a Founding Father

July 12th marks the 215th anniversary of Alexander Hamilton’s death. As the first secretary of the treasury for America, he created the first national bank, consolidated the new country’s war debts, and established credit the country could count on. You could say he was America’s Chief Financial Officer. He was also a self-taught immigrant who [...]

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3 Things to Do if the Stretch IRA Dies

The House of Representatives voted in favor of the Secure Act 417-3, and the bill is now on a fast track to vote in the Senate. The bill would do away with the tax-planning strategy for inherited IRA commonly referred to as the “stretch IRA.” “Stretching” an IRA allows beneficiaries to take required minimum distributions [...]

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Plan to Maintain Your Independence This 4th of July

Many Baby Boomers are watching their parents age to the point where they should move out of their home – and refuse. Maybe it’s that they are stubborn when it comes to their independence, or maybe they refuse to be a burden on their children. While these sentiments are admirable, older children can be faced [...]

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