We take a team approachso that you get a coordinated strategy.

Is your broker qualified to give you tax advice? Does your tax professional know how you’re allocated for risk? Can anyone tell you when is the best time to file for Social Security?

A lot of people are in murky waters with today’s markets—they’re up, they’re down, and investors are looking out with uncertainty at their future. Too often we find that current and future retirees have no idea how much risk they’re exposed to or how high the fees are inside their portfolio; they make decisions about their Social Security that negatively impact the amount of taxes they have to pay, and the long-term repercussions aren’t often realized until it’s too late and the portfolio is drained. 

We founded Alpha 1 Tax & Wealth when we realized that our clients would be better served if they had the benefit of coordinated advice. Our all-star team of fiduciary professionals includes a network of Certified Financial Planners™, tax accountants, and advisors, put together by co-founders Bryon Rice, an industry veteran with over 23 years of experience, and Terrell Davis, Pro Football Hall of Famer with a background in consumer economics. Together, we take wealth management to a whole new level, bringing experts from every planning field to address your concerns for a Retirement Gameplan you can rely on with confidence.

Think you deserve better than uncoordinated benefits and one-size-fit-all advice? If you don’t have a plan on paper that outlines how you will get through retirement with enough income, then we invite you to come in and get a second opinion. Talk with a member of our team and discover the difference that having a coordinated strategy can make. 

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